Fiasco Cru

John Mahan

I am a native New Mexican, raised in the Alien desert of Roswell before migrating to Albuquerque in the mid-70’s to attend UNM.  My adult beverage career began over 40 years ago when I started working part time at the Quarters Yale package liquor store.

I managed The Quarters package liquor stores for 20 years and then worked in wholesale with Southern Glazer’s for another 18 years where I managed the Fine Wine Division.  My passion for wine and food began with many trips to Napa, Sonoma, Washington, and Oregon and blossomed when I was able to make numerous trips to the wine regions of Europe.  I feel incredibly fortunate to now be working with the great portfolio and passionate sales team of Fiasco Fine Wines.  

When I am not peddling wine, I’m usually found camping and hiking with Becky, my best friend and wife of 39 years.  Becky and I are blessed with two very talented children Kelen and Korinna, who both now reside in Denver and work in the food and beverage industry.  

fiasco cru john mahan