Fiasco Cru

Mark Duggan

My wine motto is “Geography in a bottle.” I was born in Farmington, New Mexico in 1956 on one of the coldest days New Mexico has ever weathered. My first and worst wine experience happened in Gallop New Mexico where I graduated from high school in 1974. The wine was BAD sub-standard product.

My first trip to Napa was in 1975. There were 30 some-odd wineries and 34,000 acres of grapes.

My first wine job was in 1979 at Rico Winery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I learned wine production and distribution.

My first great bottle of wine was a 1976 Silver Oak Napa Cab. Velvet smooth, a mouthful of ripe fruit and finish that lasted for minutes. I was hooked. It cost $20.00, one quarter of my weekly paycheck.

My first wine list was at the Wine Cellar in Fair Plaza in Albuquerque. This is where Marcus the Vintner, my alter ego, was found… a true Renaissance troll. I met Tom and Steve working at New Mexico Wine Patrol in 1993. Gruet, Gruet, Gruet.

My best wine experience was a week in Champagne, France in 2001. I have been working with Fiasco since the early 2000’s.

fiasco cru mark duggan