Fiasco Cru

Camila Maestas

As a child of the 80’s, everything was bigger and better.  While the wine world had an astounding decade, I was busy cementing my love of gastronomy.

Growing up in a traditional New Mexican family, hospitality was effortlessly woven into my being.  The big family parties, the authentic chile dishes, and my mom’s classic ceviche, are just a few of my fondest memories.

Although my educational background lies in Medical Care, I have been afforded incredible opportunities in an array of fields, from Healthcare to Hospitality; where I spent 15 years directing special events for some of the industry’s highest regarded properties.

After the world came to a screeching halt in 2020, I decided to refocus my passion and energy on more meaningful endeavors, which included joining the Fiasco family. Now my heart is home. And being able to work alongside my sister, Micaela, and the industries finest, has truly been my greatest pleasure. 

Outside of Fiasco, you can find me relaxing with friends and family enjoying a great bottle of wine or spending time with my 2 children, cheering them on at one of their many athletic activities.

Fiasco cru Camila Maestas